One day trip to hell


There is a saying, that when you see your lover in the morning without any make up for the first time and remain in love, your relationship should last long. Today, after one month of living in the Maldives I saw it with no make Read More

Garbage paradise


When you are hanging out on the west coast of Male city, you can notice a weird smoke on the horizon. It looks quite disturbing in the idyllic landscape of the Maldives. And it’s even more disturbing, when you find out, where the smoke comes Read More

Flooding, Sharia and democracy


One and a half year ago, just days before I was to go to the Maldives for the first time, I had a big fight with my husband. He was worried of me being dangerously excited about what I am going to find there and Read More

Say it in dhivehi

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Although many Maldivians speak fluent English, especially in the capital city, Male, the Maldives have their own unique language. Dhivehi, also has its own script, probably deriving from numbers and symbols used in the local form of magic.

Living in the island country


The most overwhelming thought that came to my mind, when I first visited the Maldives was, that this country doesn’t consist of land just interrupted by the water regions like other states I was familiar with. It is actually just the opposite: the Maldives is Read More

Hulhumale – island that emerged from the sea

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Nobody knows exactly how many islands the Maldives consists of. The problem is, that while some islands are disappearing under the sea due to sea level rise, other, are appearing…

Supari. A Maldivian stimulant

krojone orzechy betelowe

Thinking: “the Maldives” is hard not to picture yourself with the refreshing Long Island. However, while planning a trip to this tropical country it is important to remember that alcohol consumption is permitted only in the hotels. As Muslim country the Maldives introduced prohibition.

How to defeat the Reef Monster?

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If you want to find out, why did the two-headed birds left Earth long time ago, what not to tell the girls from the poorer island, or how to outwith monster from the sea discover the Folk Tales of the Maldives. 

No man is an island


Rapidly rising global sea level is a striking threat for small island countries in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Some of them may soon disappear under the water. But are they the only ones to worry about the flooding of the coastal zones?

Why “Dots On the Map”?

If you take a look at South Asia on the Google Map and click zoom many times, you may notice some dots appearing on the dark blue surface of the Indian Ocean. With every click more dots will appear and they will start to form Read More

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